Esp James hetfield Guitar Explorer MX 250


James hetfield Guitar Explorer had built by esp and used on the damaged justice tour it was built to a high standard by the rare electric guitar company to the same spec as the original.

it’s loaded up with the emg 81and 60 configuration which generates a brutal tone I’ve got the 60 a wee bit close to the strings which makes it sound awesome on solos but does drive the clean a bit,but that’s easily adjusted to personal taste,the condition is immaculate apart from a tiny dent in the Headstock which is so small I couldn’t pick it up with the camera and hasn’t broken the paint,it comes with a custom made flight case which it’s in,in one of the pictures this guitars not been gigged nor left the house not even for a rehearsal although the case has some mileage as I’ve used it to carry one of my other guitars simply because it was the first one to hand but the case is perfectly usable. It plays nicely with no buzzing the actions good and low and this really does look the real deal-which of course the real deal is long since not available and a pre owned model in this condition would be priced over 2 grand bear in mind it is a replica so it is what it is-I’ve owned it just over a year and am only selling as I recently acquired a snakebyte and need to generate cash and space-the guitar is perfectly serviceable and giggable the only reason I haven’t gigged it was I Wanted to keep it mint because it’s so stunning to look at! This baby cost me just over 550.00 as I copped out for import duty so the price is very realistic,I’m not interested in silly offers so don’t waste your or my time there’s 2 vynl decals on the back,i’m a bugger for stickers! If not to taste they’re easily removed and will leave no marks UK purchasers only please if posted it will be bubble wrapped inside the case and insured,alternatively if you would like to try the guitar first cash on collection would be fine.

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