Funny james hetfield quotes

James Hetfield: If I’m hung over, I’d rather just stand on the side and play. We wanted to get a frontman but no one sang good enough so I just did both. (Talking about his years in High School) James Hetfield: Back then (in highschool) you’d look under the music section of The Recycler for heavy metal, and there’s like two people. The same people every f*ckin week into ‘sex and Motorhead. (On first jam with Lars) James Hetfield: He had a f*cked up, hella f*ckin cheap Gemco kit or whatever. We told him, ‘Yeah, we’ll give you a call,’ and we never even called him back. (In reference to TBA) James Hetfield: Economy my ass! That was the most expensive record we’ve ever made. James Hetfield: I’m married to Metallica.


(In reference to how James starts the Metallica shows) James Hetfield: We’ve come here, TO KICK YOUR ASS!!! …That’s why you’re here, right. James Hetfield: Well, without getting really political, I think there have always been people who have been afraid of music and its potential for, I guess, social breakouts, or whatever you want to call it. You know, young kids are looking for something to grasp onto, whatever it may be. When you’re that age, there’s a lot of that feeling of needing to belong, whether it’s wearing black lipstick and cutting the ass out of your pants, or whatever — people are looking for things to grasp onto. (In reference to styles of music) James Hetfield: We do have many styles of music, its called Metallica. (Regarding his lifestyle) James Hetfield: I don’t remember doing anything else; I don’t remember not living in the studio.


I’m itching for people to hear this album because I’m sick of hearing it myself. (In reference to how long it took to make TBA) James Hetfield: We’ve been in the studio for so long, a war has come and gone, and we’re still stuck in here. (In reference to switching from Piano to Guitar) James Hetfield: I wanted to make noise, not study theory. James Hetfield: I remember the first time we ever got an encore. It was a Monday night at two in the morning at the Troubadour and there was about ten people there but they were clapping and we came back for the encore. We were deciding on what song we were going to play and Lars starts up a different song! He just decided he wanted to play. And we hadn’t practiced that song for like three months.


I had forgot all the lyrics, but I went through the motions. And after the gig, I just turned right around and punched him out onstage! “You fucker!” I shouted. Got him in the gut. And people were going ‘huh. (Regarding his early days with Metallica) James Hetfield: In the early days, when we were playing clubs around LA, people didn’t understand what we were about. ‘Oh,’ they’d think, ‘a God-damned punk band,’ and they’d throw chairs at us. (About himself as a child) James Hetfield: I was pretty quiet as a child. I kind of hung out with my family and listened to music and sh*t. I wasn’t too outgoing at all. (About his life at home and his family) James Hetfield: My older stepbrother, David, was kind of a hippie, kind of a hairy guy. He went to college and stuff. He played drums in a band, and I used to go bash on the sh*t. (his view on life) James Hetfield: Call it anarchy or whatever you want to–there’s times when you wanna be able to do whatever the f*ck you want and, y’know, life’s always short, so why shouldn’t you. (On married life) James Hetfield: You know, it’s not as different as I thought, which is kind of disappointing. But it’s fine. Everyone said, ‘Oh, your life is going to be totally different,’ and it’s the same. Which is good, in a way. We discovered how much money influences certain things and discovered how things work in the United States. How things might seem okay on the outside, but internally, they’re corrupt. James Hetfield: We can do whatever the fuck we want, really. We’ve got carte blanche. I mean, when we did ‘Fade to Black’, that was our first ballad and it really blew a few minds out there. People wrote us off then; ‘Fuck them! It’s over. It’s no longer speed metal.’ Okay, fine. You can feel that way. But fuck you, too.

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