James Hetfield Esp Explorer Snakebyte Electric Guitar


Designed by Papa Het himself, this maghogany-bodied ESP axe sports a set neck for serious sustain, and custom EMG active humbuckers based on the EMG¬†JH “Het Set” pickups.

Hetfield-Designed Pickups Roar
Players on a mission to nail the sounds of Metallica heavy rhythm guitar appreciate the microphones to the Snakebyte. This EMG JH pickups “Het Set” were designed in collaboration with us Hetfield himself, to evoke EMG pickups is used for the last 30 years. The handle comprises micro p Ceramic and the coils, while the pickup uses steel pole pieces. The results for both are higher output and fuller at the bottom of the EMG 60/81 combo Hetfield used previously.

Breeds strong design support the body while mahogany
Snakebyte is carved into familiar to anyone who has seen the wicked body Metallica take the stage in recent years. Mahogany is a favorite for players looking for a natural, warm and full-bodied stringed instruments. The mahogany neck is set into the body to improve support, and it is cut in a thin U shape neck for fast play. 22 Extra Jumbo frets ebony handle has a custom marker Snakebyte centered around the 12th fret.

Thrash away while staying in Tune
To ensure Snakebyte was ready for wild and aggressive players, James Hetfield Esp Explorer guitar equipped with high end features as Sperzel locking tuners and a Tonepros locking Tune-O-Matic bridge and tailpiece. Although the rigid bridge does not offer a potential whammy bar, locking bridge and tuners mean you can shoot on the bass strings or make wide turns across high ropes S without worrying about unintended disagree. When you want to take your sound down, the locking mechanisms to ensure that you’ll stay in the development of desired drop without having to constantly readjust the keys.

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